Theatre show

With humour and emotion, illusion, deception and his very own brand of magic, Alexander Merk charms his way into the audience’s hearts. Telling stories of … read more


As a quick-tongued, nimble-fingered magician-presenter, Alexander Merk skilfully links individual programme items at your event. With light and witty compèring, he not only acts as … read more

Close-up magician

Close-up magician Alexander Merk mixes with your guests and does spellbinding magic right in front of their eyes. Experience amazing mind-reading, nimble-fingered card tricks, money … read more

Dinner show

Alexander Merk’s magical dinner show is a feast for all the senses. In the course of the evening, the audience experience an entertaining, alternating mix … read more

Stage magician

Alexander Merk captivates audiences with youthful charm, but is nevertheless a gentleman illusionist of the old school. The audience are not merely spectators at his … read more

Award winning act: Murgel

For varieté and gala, duration: 10 minutesAlexander Merk tells the magic story about a very extraordinary friendship between a young boy and his teddy bear. … read more