Dinner show

Alexander Merk’s magical dinner show is a feast for all the senses. In the course of the evening, the audience experience an entertaining, alternating mix of magic and menu. The evening begins with a personal welcome from the artist, and the guests can start marvelling at the first illusions during the aperitifs. After the first course, the first part of the award-winning magic show takes place.

Alexander Merk’s recipe for success is no secret: with fresh humour and a generous portion of magic, the master magician conjures up a good atmosphere, radiant faces and pure fascination. But marvelling makes you hungry, so the delicious main course is served directly afterwards. Highlights of wizardry then follow in the second part of the magic show, which is crowned by a delightful dessert. The encore takes the form of magic up close and a magical souvenir for every member of the audience.

On request, Alexander Merk’s team can take care of all the organisation, including the gastronomic arrangements. So you can relax and enjoy the evening with your guests. The magic dinner show can be realised at a venue of your choice. But we will be happy to recommend one of our partner locations. Just give us a call on 0201-79870384.



This performance takes place at the table.

The dinner magic show lasts 2x 30 minutes, plus welcome and walkaround act.

All the necessary technical equipment is provided.


For enquiries and further information, please contact Alexander Merk’s management: Contact


You have enchanted our guests in the truest sense of the word.

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